Monday, February 2, 2009

Back on track

Finally, I am back on the track.

It's been months, or maybe years, that I have been telling myself that I need to move my butts and get some exercise!

So why did I even stop? Ah! It was at the beginning of political instability in Abidjan. That was well over eight years ago. The government responded with a curfew and folks needed to be home by 1800 hours or else.. So I stopped my jogging.. and the result.. I got me my fat well in place now. But I kept 'them ol' walking shoes'.

Some two years ago, I said to me that it was a good idea to check into a Gym and work out with everybody.. I hear me! Truth is, For those years, there has never been one full month spent in Abidjan. I have been traveling, way too much for anybody! So I figured that paying monthly fees for a Gym when I am hardly at home was a waste of money.. Maybe yes, maybe no, but whichever one, it was stockpiling fat!

Last week though, Nnenna Nwabufo passed by the house and said maybe I should just walk. Just walk.. a few minutes in the morning.

Why not? I live in a good section of the city and I actually see people walk in front of my yard every morning.. what will I lose? I mean, outside the fat? So I went looking for 'them ol' forgotten shoes' and yeah.. they were actually there. For once, I am thankful for something that I did nor give out! Cos I remember that those shoes had been on the list of 'stuff that I have not used for a year and I am not missing so I might as well give it to someone who needs it'. I use that principle in clothes..

Well, them old shoes are still there! So I tried them.. I actually found a nice pair of Nike socks to go with it... Wow! So I can actually hit the road..

So I set the date of February 1! At least the figure is encouraging.. Sort of something you do when you want to turn a new leaf, stop smoking, center your life on God etc.. So February 1st came round and I shoved my feet into them ol shoes... They were a bit tight but well.. I decided to try them out anyhow...

Yep! I hit the track all right! For good 45 minutes.. and actually enjoyed it.. so much that in the evening.. I picked them ol shoes again!

And ... you guessed it right? I hit the tracks... again..