Friday, June 8, 2012

5 "Good Reasons" for which you will not be hired.

I have been wanting to put these thoughts down since end of 2011. Quick story, I am running a training for West Africa and also doing some recruitments. For the one post, I was interviewing candidates in the morning, and for the other position, interviews were in the afternoon.  So I had a full day of  people trying to convince me and the panel I was heading that they were the right persons for the right tasks!!  Then 7 PM rolls round and I am back in my hotel room, trying to ease off.  And someone knocks.

"Madam, I see you have been interviewing people, please can you also interview me"? First I am shocked, then insulted, and really offended.  But my "other brain" says.. "Cool down and get to the bottom of this".

So I feign interest and I ask: "Please what is your name, what is your academic qualification, what are your skills, and what  kind of job are you looking for?"

That was the beginning of a long story.  Let's cut it short and make it simple.  ALL the reasons the gentleman gave me for which he should have  been considered are "good reasons" for which nobody ever gets hired.

Most common reason: I need a job.

Okay, so YOU need a job. The NEED is yours.  Here is the summary.  Your problem is not my problem.  That you need a job is your issue not mine. There are millions of people saying the same.  I get such lines at least 5 times a week.  It may seem a bit callous, but your need is yours, not mine.  That you need a job is no reason to hire you.

Reason 2: I need more money.

Quick answer.  "Same here".  I need more money.  In fact, as an employer, I most probably need more money than you do.  My social, economic, fiscal, and life responsibilities certainly outweigh yours. So in terms of cash needs, mine is greater than yours.  Give me a break.

Reason 3: I am not enjoying my job, I need excitement, enjoyment, adventure.

Seriously?  Go start your own stuff then! Do what you like.  Choose when to wake up, only do stuff that are exciting.  Never accept an assignment unless there is adventure attached to it!  Nobody will hire you to make you happy.  They will hire you to work.  Sorry, but your employer's interest comes first.

Reason 4: There is no future in this country.  I need an escape.

And you think I am stupid? If I started off like you, do you think you will be here asking for me to hire you?  It was because I believed in a future, and I committed to making the then-present better, that you are  coming up to me and thinking I will be the one to offer you a better future. You are not looking for work, you are looking for escape. Odds are, when I invest in you, you will either jump ship at the first sign of difficulty or disappear once you find another escape. I am looking for someone to solve problems with, build,  construct and ensure a better present and promising future. I do not provide platforms for escapists.

Reason 5: I like you.  You are such a wonderful person. I want you to be my boss.

Over the bar!! Because I change planes, gave  a tip, I speak with respect and I keep to time.. Or maybe because of the dressing or the "fashionable" things you see around me.  You most probably saw me after or off work. It is a mirage.  You need to work by me to see the "entrepreneur" me. I work long hours, do reports that run into 100s of pages. I lose sleep.. I stretch myself!!  You better wake up!!

== == ==

So you are asking, "what are the good reasons" for which I can be hired.  I will be brief.
  1. Every employer is looking to solve a problem.   I will hire you if you can provide a solution or can work towards providing the solution
  2. If you, by your own skills, will bring me more benefits than I am currently getting. If you can make me richer.. you are welcome
  3. If you are resourceful person.  Someone who is willing to research into solutions, make trials, accept failures and  help colleagues do better
  4. If you have a skillset or knowledge or capacity that I do not have
  5. If your network is larger, more promising and more interesting than mine.
== == ==

Conclusion, nobody will hire you because of you.  I hire because of me. So next time you come knocking ...

Think of me, not you.