Monday, September 19, 2011

The men who rape us

I am checking on the topics in Nigeria and I am horrified at the gang rape perpetrated by some five male students on a female students. Sugabelly, in her outcry blog on this issue has expressed my feelings and I see the students at the University are being pro-active too. It is good that #ABSURAPE is trending in Lagos and that the Honourable Abike Dabiri has taken the stand to raise this issue so it does not die out "just like that".

I took time to watch the video. Then I put the sound off so I could analyse it better. Whichever way, it is ugly and those men must be brought to book.

They must be brought to book for a criminal act. Rape is a crime and gang rape is a double crime. But a gang rape that is filmed and circulated is a triple crime. That is my feeling. These men must pay.

Cowards are the ones who rape women. Those who cannot find any other means of standing up to you as a lady. They lack the intellectual and moral strength. They cannot woo, they cannot groom themselves to appeal to women, they cannot command respect, they lack self esteem. They cant find ways to communicate their feelings, they are children inside, pretending to be men outside. Their insecurity is killing them. So they resort to sexual abuse.

From Cape to Tripoli, Somalia to Senegal, passing through Sudan and Nigeria.. African women are being raped. Raped by men who cannot face realities. men who are afraid of broad day light. Men who cannot stand up and defend their ideas. A woman is raped because her tribal or ethnic group is not in good terms with another. Another is raped because of land dispute. Some are raped for reasons that only politicians know.

The young lady at Abia State University was raped because the men said she insulted one of them.

Only the incompetent use violence as an arm. Only the weak will believe that sexual assault proves strength. Only cowards will believe that by humiliating another they gain value.

No, you dont gain respect by raping a woman. You are only demonstrating that you are incapable of living in a civilised world. You are showcasing your insecurity, your incompleteness.

Rape, violence and humiliation are arms only used by cowards.

You have to be little to belittle