Monday, May 18, 2009

The death of the Tigers

So the rebels in Sri Lanka are deciding to 'Silence their guns'? Great news! What have they been waiting for since 27 years?

I can bet my breakfast that no rebel ever decides to silence his guns. I say His, because I have not heard much of women rebel leaders.. this is still one area where men are illustrious..

I think that the reason that 'We have come to the bloody end' of the movement is more acceptable one. Velupillai Prabhakaran, who founded the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)some 27 years ago has just been killed. Yesterday, it was his son. All through the weeks, his followers have been on the run.

Before now, LTTE has been hailed as one of the best organised liberation fighting groups - with marines, army and even a nascent air force.

I dont know what it is with developing countries, but by now, we should have had enough experience to tell rebel leaders what they are in truth - greedy people wanting to use others to get power and wealth. I am yet to be convinced of any 21st century armed rebellion that has wrought anything good for the ordinary citizens living in Rebel zones or rebel-occupied territories

What pains me the most is the continued supply of arms.. for without arms bought from 'developed' countries, developing country rebel groups will not exist. Why I disagree with rebellion is because it is the exact opposite of development. It is Underdevelopement.

Negotiating with the rebellion does not do any good to any country. I believe in the Obasanjo system - if you are strong enough to mount a rebellion, you should be brave enough to fight it out.

I am in support of human rights, but when human beings take others in hostage just for their own greedy needs, then people should be brave enough to say what they think. I am fed up with human rights groups who stand up to defend rebel leaders while keeping silence on the arms origins.. not taking the country's sufferings into consideration. I am fed up with peace brokers who dilly dally while the nation's wealth is being siphoned to arms dealers.

This is one lesson we must learn and declare to Africa. Rebellion is underdevelopment, and negotiating with rebels is just prolonging our suffering!

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