Thursday, February 11, 2010

President Overtaker

It was my mother who used to say 'Give your child a good name'. But that was in the case of my junior sister whose name is Nwanyieze, meaning 'the King's wife'. This is one girl who really has a lot of things going easy for her. Someone who never goes broke for a long time.. Whenever a problem rears its head, Nwanyieze will have a solution in less than no time. Most often, someone shows up, or rather, God sends someone to help her move over and move forward.

Unlike me, whose name is Nnenna 'Father's mother', the grandmother, problem solver, money lender, advisor.. I used to ask myself if I were not better off choosing a new name.. without hassles! But then it will be to late. So my decision for now will be to reserve the 'hassle free names' for the kids.

But all of that is not the issue.

The issue is the name, person and track record of the current Nigerian president. Goodluck Jonathan. The guy sure has a history that qualifies him as an Overtaker:

In Primary School, he was Assistant Headboy.
The headboy got expelled.
Goodluck took over.

In Secondary School, he was Assistant Senior Prefect
The Senior Prefect died.
Goodluck took over

In his local government, he was Deputy Chairman
The Chairman got implicated in corruption and was removed
Goodluck took over.

In his state, he was Deputy Governor to Alameiseigha
Alameiseigha had huge corruption scandals and was indicted
Goodluck took over

In his country Nigeria, he became Vice President to Umaru Yar'Adua.
Yar'Adua is sick with Pericarditis..

You cannot guess wrong!

Goodluck has just taken over!!!!

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