Sunday, May 27, 2012

10 Reasons why your Facebook friend request is still queued

Okay, so you have sent me a Facebook friend request and since days, weeks or even months you have not heard anything. You might even have tried to send me a private message asking "Did you see my friend request?" And you did not get a reply.  Here are the 10 possible reasons your friend request is still in the queue.
  1. You do not have a profile photo.  By principle, unless I know you, I will not accept friends who do not have a profile photo
  2. The profile photo shows  off your body.  I am Christian and the God I worship does not like nudity. I think nudity belongs to your private life and should not, under any circumstances, be on Facebook, let alone as your profile photo.
  3. Other nude photos of you.  I check your photos and if I see any nude one among them, the friend request is shot
  4. Your friends. If I see that a lot of your friends have their profile photos on the nude end.. I will not accept your request.  Your friends tell me the kind of person you are
  5. We dont have any friends in common.  Especially if I have not met you before.  I am just being prudent.
  6. If you are just arriving on Facebook.  The odds are, you may not have learned  the appropriate behaviour. If I dont know you, I have never met you, and you have less than 10 friends... I will queue your request
  7. You are guy and most of your friends are ladies.  Odds are, you are "collecting ladies" and most probably, you will be more of a harassment, if not an embarrassment, to me.
  8. Your profile or photos have an exhibition of violence.  This includes guns, torture, dead bodies, any form of degrading pictures of humanity ..
  9. You are using political swags: Like a president, a political party, an opposition leader or any of these politically-motivated movements. I'd rather be friends with you and not your ideology.
  10. The friends we have in common are "suspicious".  I know which domains my friends come from.  So when I see we have 5 /6 friends in common and none of them have a common ground, I will get suspicious. Odds are, you are looking for me specifically, and you have gone round trying to get my friends so you finally land me.

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