Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fuel Wahala in Abidjan

Finally, them don announce am. Fuel increase for Abidjan. Na nwii we don already begin hear so. Even before gorment talk im own, drivers don already print new prices. Them been dey kampe dey wait official announcement. Nobody wan know how much the increase self be. The only thing wey driver know, na him own price. Gorment increase na 17%, driver increase na 40%

Person no dey look person face. You dey go abi you ney do go? If you wan enter, make you enter, if you no hold the money, comot for road. Na politician dey do négociation. Like Naija dey talk say, money for hand, back for ground, na so Abidjan drivers don become oo. If you no get the money, no near my car. I no dey for nonsense talk.

Yarko! Na so them dey talk am. Kpêle, ndo.

Poverty no go kill us.

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