Friday, July 18, 2008

Public Transport in Abidjan goes on foot

Folks here will loose some fat over this week. The red taxis (taxis compteurs), the shared taxis (woro woro) and the mini buses (Gbaka) are on strike. The strike hit the streets on Monday morning. On the eve, the messages were mixed - we are striking, no, we are not. Then in the morning, the streets went empty. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday .... it is Friday today.

Late Thursday night, the government spokesperson announced a series of 'consultations'. The first one will be with transport associations. The second will be with drivers. These two will be followed by a ministerial meeting, which will be followed by a cabinet meeting.

And all of that will be ended by an official announcement. The government spokesperson said the government will announce to the nation and to the 'international community'.

That will be Monday... but between then and now... ???


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